February 2023 update

Three pieces of news

I have been selected for EST/Sloan’s 2023 commissions for my play Sameera’s Shadow.

After losing her mother, Egyptian-Muslim scientist Sameera Moussa focuses on a cure for cancer. But her work in nuclear science leads to a breakthrough formula that births the atom bomb. Lauded and courted by America, she must decide between her Atomic Energy for Peace humanitarian efforts and the allure of a life-changing career invitation. A pioneer in her field, she is now completely forgotten.

I have been selected as a finalist for the Blue Ink Award for You, The Fire, and Me about the religious radicalisation of White teens from the West.

I am heading off to Minneapolis as part of my Core Writer Residency with PWC to workshop my play Second Congregational which examines the intersection of Liberalism, Racism, and Religion.